David Earl

David has been pastor of MNC since the church was started in Sept. 2003.  He trained at London Seminary from 1993-95, and then served as one of the pastors at Woodstock Road Baptist Church for 8 years. He is married to Hemara, who is Swiss/Sri Lankan, and they have six children.  David’s parents were missionaries in South Korea and he is deeply grateful to God for the Christian upbringing they gave him.  He loves every opportunity of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

David trained as a medical doctor in Oxford and worked for a time at the John Radcliffe Hospital but, sensing God’s call to Christian ministry and with the support of Woodstock Road Baptist Church, decided to train at London Seminary in 1993. David and his family are keen on sustainable living,  growing fruit and vegetables, keeping chickens, and generating their own electricity. Outside of MNC, David serves on the board of London Seminary and chairs the OICCU Standing Committee.May 2014 009