Sons and Daughters?

Many Christians probably think of themselves as children of God. But if someone asks you to explain the good news of God’s amazing salvation in Christ, how often would your mind turn to adoption as a way of explaining the gospel? It’s a wonderful, Biblical picture of what God does. Let’s break it down, and as we do so, take some time to pray, meditate on and thank God for each of these things he has done through his Son:

  1. God transfers us from our old family (think spiritual family or affiliation not relatives!), so we’re freed from its authority. We’re no longer slaves to law or the basic ways of this world. We’re freed from the power of darkness and sin.
  2. God, because of His love for us, transfers and adopts us permanently into His family, giving us the full standing of children who can then pray to him as a close Father, “Abba”.
  3. As adopted sons & daughters, we have all the privileges of the family. We received and now share one Spirit. We will inherit a dazzling future in the age to come as heirs with Christ. Christ is our brother as well as Lord.
  4. God wants and enables us to display his character within the loving community of his family, the church.

(Rom 8:13-23; Gal 3:23-29; Gal 4:1-7; Eph 1:5; 1 John 3:1-3,10; John 1:12-13).

Many of us know the prodigal son story. Let’s for a moment imagine a third person, born into a different family. He has also been living recklessly and having to work as a slave. But then he is adopted by the prodigal’s father, welcomed into the same family. He is given the same sort of robe, ring, shoes and fattened calf as the prodigal son was given. Without pushing our metaphors too far (“What would the elder brother think!”), adoption wonderfully captures so many important themes of the gospel of Christ. Do post your thoughts/ comments!


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